Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (04/10 – 04/24)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

Five Views on Apologetics – 2.99
• Worldview Conversations: How to Share Your Faith and Keep Your Friends – 2.99
Finding the Real Jesus: A Guide for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers by Lee Strobel – 1.99
Is the Bible Sexist, Racist, Homophobic? by Jonathan Morrow – 0.99
VeriTalks books, cheap on Kindle

Why Suffering?
Facts vs. Faith
God and complexity
Nabeel Qureshi on Truth
Has Science Buried God?
The Magical Moral Mystery
5 Mistakes Apologists Make
Why is Apologetics Important?
The Case for the Resurrection
Street Epistemologists – On Guard
Master of Arts in Apologetics with HBU
Verifiability Is A Christian Distinctive
Debate: Frank Turek vs. Michael Shermer
Evolution and Design: Articles and Resources
Reasonable Faith Conference: Bakersfield, CA
Three Steps to Protect Christian Wedding Vendors
What is the Free Will Defense to the Problem of Evil?
Common Objection #25- “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.”
Video: Evidence for God- Key Arguments for a Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig
Now on Audible! Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews

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