10 Apologetics Books for Giving

Last year you may have read the post Top 5 Books for Christmas Giving. Well, here’s a revised list… of ten books. Keep in mind, this is no definitive list of “best apologetics books.” This is a list of books that I feel would be the best to choose from for giving to people who have varying interest in apologetics. This list is split into three groups. Group one is for people who you want to reach apologetically. Group two is for people who are new to apologetics. Group three is for the person who is an avid apologist. And the number one book fits all three categories.

Three Books to Reach Out Apologetically
10. The Ambition by Lee Strobel – Not straight apologetics. It’s a novel. But it’s a great novel. The content doesn’t preach either, but the themes are appropriate to open the door for further conversation. Finally, this book may provide an open door for the reader to explore other books by Strobel.
9. The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense by Mark Mittelberg – This is a short and concise adaptation of a classic book that is almost like a large tract. (Hear the interview about it.) However the approach is reasonable and simply shows why Christianity makes sense. This kind of book is a more direct kind of appeal, but you might be looking for that.
8.  The God Question: An Invitation to a Life of Meaning by J.P. Moreland – A superb book (hear the interview about it) that is written for those who are seriously exploring the big questions in life. Moreland takes a holistic approach that appeals to the mind, heart, and the whole person. If someone is on a truth quest, then this book should serve as a refreshing and welcome read.
Three Books to Give to the Beginner
7. The Case for Christ Series by Lee Strobel – For those getting into apologetics, just read all of Lee Strobel’s books in order to explore the landscape of issues. Then the novice can read further by exploring the works of those Strobel interviews. All Strobel’s books are excellent and are suitable for everyone. If they like apologetics and haven’t read them, they should.
6. On Guard by William Lane Craig – Just a great book. Introduces the main arguments from WLC’s Reasonable Faith, but in a much more accessible style and format. Great for the beginner (or intermediate) apologist and for group book study. Highly recommended.
5. The Apologetics Study Bible – Packed with essays dealing with apologetic themes. Contains articles on historical apologists. Key verses are footnoted with helpful content (background info, answers to alleged contradictions, etc.) A very useful resource and welcome gift for the beginner. See also the Apologetics Study Bible for Students.
Three Books to Give to the Avid Apologist
4. Contending with Christianity’s Critics ed. Craig & Copan – An anthology of essays from some of today’s best Christian scholars addressing today’s contemporary challenges to the faith. Superb content and a great variety.
3. The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology ed. Craig & Moreland – The best Christmas gifts are the ones that normal people can’t afford. Well, this book used to be unaffordable, but seems to have had a price drop recently. All the more reason to pick it up. Price aside, this is one of the most weighty apologetic tomes out there in both size and quality of content. That’s why it’s been on everyone’s wish list since it came out.
2. Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts by Craig S. Keener – A newly released two-volume work on Miracles which is having a great reception. For the avid apologist, this is going to be a great gift choice. 
Apologetics315’s Choice for Best Book to Give:
1. Who Made God? by Edgar Andrews – Why number one? Well, this book fits all three categories. Anyone can read it and they are going to enjoy it and benefit from it. Be it an atheist, agnostic, beginner or advanced — it’s just a great book. (Hear the interview here.) So Edgar Andrews makes the number one spot for Who Made God? for the second year. 
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