Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Norman Geisler vs. Paul Kurtz Debate MP3 Audio

Norman Geisler and Paul Kurtz debate: Christianity vs. Secular Humanism on the John Ankerberg show. This is an older debate, but a classic. An intense debate between Dr. Geisler and Humanist Paul Kurtz (co-author of Humanism Manifesto II). Includes debate on: What is the origin of the Universe? How did life begin on earth? Is Humanism a threat to academic freedom? Is Jesus Christ God? And, Is there a basis for morality?
Full MP3 Audio here.
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  1. mrhartley85 March 21, 2012

    Great debate! Praise God for intelligent apologists like Mr. Geisler.

  2. Anonymous September 18, 2012

    can you post William Lane Craig's debate with Paul Kurtz?

  3. Brian Auten September 19, 2012

    Anonymous—it's coming today.

  4. Joe Creason June 20, 2013

    Auugh you're the best Brian! Thanks for making all these debates available! I cannot wait to listen to this one.