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Apologetics 315 has begun transcription of its collection of ongoing interviews with Christian historians, scientists, evangelists, philosophers, pastors, authors, and other leading scholars in the area of Christian apologetics—some 150+ and counting. This page will serve as an index for the completed transcripts. (Click here for a message from me about this project.)

Please feel free to suggest the next interviews to transcribe from the growing master list of interviews.

Gary Habermas
Craig Keener
Lee Strobel
Hugh Ross
• Former atheist Richard Morgan
Michael J. Kruger
Michael Patton
David Instone-Brewer
Paul L. Maier
Norman Geisler
Craig Blomberg
John Warwick Montgomery
Paul Copan
Bruce Little
Ellis Potter
Casey Luskin
Jeff Zweerink
David Robertson
Frank Turek
J.P. Moreland
Scott Oliphint
Ravi Zacharias
Robin Collins
Mike Licona 1
Mike Licona 2
Scott Klusendorf
Mark Mittelberg
Craig Evans
Greg Koukl
David Wood
Michael Behe
John Frame
Matthew Flannagan
Andrew Fellows
Jay Smith
Kerby Anderson
Louis Markos
Alister McGrath
Kenneth Samples
Robert Bowman
Edgar Andrews
Douglas Jacoby
Donald Johnson
Peter J. Williams

As always, you can help this project by funding it or volunteering your service to aid in the transcription. Thanks for your support!

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Brian Auten is the founder emeritus of Apologetics315. He is also director of Reasonable Faith Belfast. Brian holds a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics and has interviewed over 150 Christian apologists. His background is in missions, media direction, graphic design, and administration. Brian started Apologetics315 in 2007 to be an apologetics hub to equip Christians to defend the faith.

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