Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Logic Primer eBook Download

Last week we featured the great resource, The Logic Classroom and mentioned the book by Elihu Carranza Logic Primer. Although you can purchase the paperback version online, the author has graciously offered this logic book as a free resource to Apologetics 315. Logic Primer is a 7-chapter book which will take you through a foundational study of logic.

Please fill out a quick form before downloading the PDF eBook.
Get the Logic Primer ebook by Elihu Carranza here.



  1. Keith Walker January 11, 2013

    Thanks for posting this. I wish more Christians understood logic. It is an extremely helpful tool to use while witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

  2. Soundsmith January 16, 2013

    Hey Thanks. I visited the Logic Classroom website sometime back and was thinking that it will be good if the material were available in a ebook form. I'm so glad to find that it is. Thanks Elihu/Brian.

  3. Anonymous June 17, 2013


  4. Paijo Budi July 9, 2013

    The new Logic Classroom site can be viewed here: