Friday, December 07, 2012

Is God Just a Human Invention?

If you haven’t read Is God Just a Human Invention? by Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow, now it the time to pick up the book. The Kindle version is only $2.99 for a limited time. Pick it up and use it for your own apologetics study: Read Along with Apologetics315 is a weekly chapter-by-chapter study through Is God Just a Human Invention? and Seventeen Other Questions Raised by the New Atheists by Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow. This is a chapter index for the study, pick up the book and delve into a great resource!

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Series Introduction (includes link to authors interview)
Chapter 1: Is Faith Irrational?
Chapter 2: Are Science and Christianity at Odds?
Chapter 3: Are Miracles Possible?
Chapter 4: Is Darwinian Evolution the Only Game in Town?
Chapter 5: How Did the Universe Begin?
Chapter 6: How Did Life Begin?
Chapter 7: Why is the Universe Just Right for Life?
Chapter 8: Has Science Shown There is No Soul?
Chapter 9: Is God Just a Human Invention?
Chapter 10: Is Religion Dangerous?
Chapter 11: Does God Intend for Us to Keep Slaves?
Chapter 12: Is Hell a Divine Torture Chamber?
Chapter 13: Is God a Genocidal Bully?
Chapter 14: Is Christianity the Cause of Dangerous Sexual Repression?
Chapter 15: Can People Be Good Without God?
Chapter 16: Is Evil Only a Problem for Christians?
Chapter 17: What Good Is Christianity?
Chapter 18: Why Jesus Instead of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Enjoy reading along.


  1. piupaupija December 10, 2012

    When the next read-along will start?

  2. Brian Auten December 12, 2012

    I don't have a set time yet. Will announce when ready. Thanks.