Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Apologetics Interviews

In 2012, Apologetics 315 did interviews with 44 apologists from a variety of backgrounds and fields. These included New Testament scholars, professors, historians, philosophers, artists, pastors, and even a Navy SEAL. There are now 150 interviews in the Apologetics315 Interviews Podcast. Here’s a listing a brief topical note for each of the interviews from 2012:

Daniel B. Wallace on NT manuscripts
Interview: Casey Luskin on Intelligent Design
Interview with Apologetics UK on apologetics
Scholar Interview: Peter J. Williams on NT and Gospels
Scholar Interview: Craig Keener on Miracles
Apologist Interview: Holly Ordway on Literary apologetics
Apologist Interview: Ken Boa on learning and devotion
Apologist Interview: Ravi Zacharias on Why Jesus?
Tom Price and Vince Vitale on the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics 
Theology Interview: C. Michael Patton on theology and apologetics
Scholar Interview: David Instone-Brewer on Jesus Scandals
Apologist Interview: Dan Story on apologetics and environmentalism
Apologist Interview: Vocab Malone on rap, apologetics and evangelism
Philosopher Interview: Robin Collins on fine-tuning
Philosopher Interview: R. Scott Smith on naturalism
Navy SEAL: Chad Williams Interview on evangelism
Apologist Interview: Kenneth Samples on 7 truths that changed the world
Apologist Interview: Phil Fernandes on apologetic methodology
Apologist Interview: John Mark Reynolds on apologetics and HBU
Apologist Interview: Bobby Gilpin on Mormonism
Philosopher Interview: Victor Reppert on the argument from reason
Interview: Thomas E. Woodward on the history of intelligent design
Author Interview: David Glass on atheism’s new clothes
Philosopher Interview: Richard Swinburne on evil and God’s existence
Apologist Interview: Alex McFarland (part 1) (part 2) on apologetics
Apologist Interview: Dave Sterrett on apologetics & evangelism
Apologist Interview: Ted Turnau on pop culture & apologetics
Apologist Interview: Doug Powell on creativity & apologetics
Apologist Interview: Bobby Conway on multimedia & church apologetics
Apologist Interview: Ranald Macauley on Francis Schaeffer
Apologist Interview: Michael J. Kruger on the NT canon
Apologist Interview: Kerby Anderson on apologetics & training
Apologist Interview: Francis Beckwith on politics
Apologist Interview: Craig Parton on a lawyer’s approach to apologetics
Apologist Interview: K. Scott Oliphint on presuppositionalism
Apologist Interview: Douglas Wilson on debates, method & apologetics
Apologist Interview: David Marshall on apologetics & missions
Author Interview: Paul Buller on conversations and interaction
Apologist Interview: Mary Jo Sharp on women in apologetics
Scholar Interview: Louis Markos on literary apologetics; Tolkien and Lewis
Philosopher Interview: Chad Meister on philosophy & apologetics
Apologist Interview: Douglas Jacoby on apologetics & Bible reliability

What other interviews would you like to hear? Or perhaps there’s a topic you’d like an interview to address next year. Just let me know in the comments below. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your support.