Thursday, September 20, 2012

Practical Apologetics MP3 by Dr. Timothy McGrew

In this audio provided by Tactical Faith, Dr. Timothy McGrew shares insights on the topic: “Practical Apologetics.” He talks about the art of conversation, building one’s knowledge base, understanding the various areas of apologetics, how to study, and how to build your apologetics resource library. He also includes a recommended reading list (found here and as PDF) for various topics. Followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Lecture notes PDF here, and apologetics map here.

Full MP3 Audio here (60 min)


  1. Darian Medeiros September 20, 2012

    This was great! Tim was able to share many good sources and ideas for building up your apologetic base.

  2. gutscheine zum ausdrucken September 20, 2012

    very good post

  3. Don September 20, 2012

    Great lecture, but Tim, if you're reading these comments, please pronounce Greg Koukl's name properly (think Coke, not Kook). Sorry to nitpick, but it made me cringe…

  4. erik September 21, 2012

    Brian, can you link all the books Tim mentioned please?

  5. Brian Auten September 21, 2012

    Yes, I'll do that.

  6. dgfisch September 23, 2012

    Enjoyed reading one of the sources cited by Dr. McGrew, C.S. Lewis' "Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism." It was endearing how Lewis noted that the literary critical methodologies modern commentators used had drawn inaccurate conclusions on the works of living authors; how much so in works of authors whose works were thousands of years old!

    This work gives balance to the views of Bart Ehrmann who has demeaned the research of conservative commentators who make up a paultry minority of all Biblical critics that make up the majority of reseachers in the secular universities. But it seems that the liberal schools of Biblical studies and theology has made up the lion's share of scholarly gaffes, the documentary hypothesis, the reemergence of the Jesus mythicist theory, Quellenforschung, and the like. Lewis' own complaint is valid: "There is a moral here for all of us as critics. I wonder how much Quellenforschung in our studies of older literature seems solid only because those who knew the facts are dead and cannot contradict it?'"

    How soon do we see as Ehrmann as the most recent Dr. Bultmann whose ideas will eventually be seen as an expression of wild ideas served up only to sell books?

  7. Mathetes September 28, 2012

    I'm so impressed for what Tim McGrew is doing. He has produced a wealth of material for those of us who aren't professional apologists. What a great outline and way to think about getting an education in apologetics.