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Dear Reader,

First of all, thank you for being a follower of Apologetics315. I hope and pray that the resources that are provided here have been a great help to you in defending the faith.

Each Monday you’ll usually find an interview posted here. But this week I want to point you to two interviews with… me, Brian Auten. The reason? I’d like you to consider supporting the vision behind what Apologetics315 is doing. You can read about the vision here, a bit about me, as well as a few endorsements.

The first interview is about the history and vision of Apologetics315.
The second interview is a bit more about me and my take on apologetics.

I’m passionate about seeing Christians equipped to defend the faith. I’d also like to grow Apologetics315 to be a greater tool for providing free apologetics resources for individuals, groups, and churches. So if you want to know more, please listen to the interviews. If you already know about Ap315 and feel you’d like to help it grow, please consider being a supporter.

Thanks again for being a reader, and I appreciate your prayers as Apologetics315 enters its fifth year.

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Brian Auten is the founder emeritus of Apologetics315. He is also director of Reasonable Faith Belfast. Brian holds a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics and has interviewed over 150 Christian apologists. His background is in missions, media direction, graphic design, and administration. Brian started Apologetics315 in 2007 to be an apologetics hub to equip Christians to defend the faith.

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