Friday, October 01, 2010

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (09/24 – 10/01)


  1. winteryknight October 1, 2010

    Thanks for the link Brian! Have a great weekend!

  2. Mikel October 3, 2010

    I appreciate you sharing the free apologetics curriculum lesson. Thanks, Brian!

  3. bossmanham October 3, 2010

    Regarding the Glise 581g planet discovery, I wonder if anyone else thinks it's weird that scientists are willing to say such silly and unthoughtful things like there's a 100% chance of life being on this planet? Do you think they just get geeked out over finding a new planet, or do you think it's an effort to discount intelligent design by pointing to another planet with life and saying "it isn't so improbable after all"?

  4. Brian October 3, 2010


    I know what you mean. To me, anyone who says 100% about life on another planet that they have not verified has immediately lost almost all scientific credibility in my book.

  5. Russell October 3, 2010

    Hi bossmanham,

    The Reasontobelieve guys just did a science news flash on this discovery. They talk about the 100% claim in the podcast. You should be able to download it off itunes under science news flash.

  6. Ex N1hilo October 4, 2010

    There's a 95% chance that a teapot is in orbit around Glise 581g (and it's about to boil.) 😉