The Renaissance Christian MP3 Audio by Roger Morris of

Roger Morris of has published a great blog post entitled The Renaissance Christian. He describes it as:

A believer in Christ who is part of the revival or rebirth of vigor and enthusiasm for intellectual and artistic pursuits within the body of believers and within the wider culture, characterised by renewed interest and learning in the areas of theology, philosophy, science, culture and the arts. A “Renaissance Christian” recognises the need for development of both the Christian mind and an authentic spiritual and devotional life. This involves intellectual engagement in the Christian faith and with the wider culture, but also proper attention to one’s relationship with the triune God through the Holy Spirit.

Check out his full article here. Roger was also kind enough to record an audio version for Apologetics 315.

Full MP3 Audio here. (17 min)


If you like this, listen to the interview with Roger Morris here. Along the same lines, check out J.P. Moreland‘s book The Kingdom Triangle — and also check out Moreland’s interview.

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