Responses to Stephen Hawking and The Grand Design

Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlondinow’s recent book The Grand Design caused a lot of buzz in the media and blogosphere prior to its release. For this reader, the new best-seller was a letdown. It was short, anticlimactic, and seemed lacking much new information or actual argument. However, the responses to Hawking and Mlodinow have been interesting to follow and helpful to read, as they elucidate some of the key issues and implications of Hawking’s ides.

Audio Responses
• William Lane Craig’s Questions for Stephen Hawking (MP3)
• William Lane Craig responds to Hawking’s book (MP3)
• William Lane Craig discusses Stephen Hawking’s book on Stand to Reason (MP3)
• Alister McGrath & Roger Penrose respond on Unbelievable? (MP3)
• Philosopher Jay Richards responds (MP3)
Written Responses
• Alister McGrath on Stephen Hawking, God and the role of science (article)
• Professor John Lennox responds to Hawking (article)
• Frank Tipler Responds (article)
• JP Moreland on How Scientism Makes Scientists Laughable (blog post)
• Physicist Frank Tipler weighs in on Stephen Hawking’s theory (blog post)
• Philosopher Peter S. Williams on Hawking, God and Philosophy (blog post)
• The Grand Design (Book Review) – Thinking Christian (blog post)
• Albert Mohler on Stephen Hawking (article)
• William Lane Craig Q&A here.
• David Robertson responds (article)
Video Responses
• Professor John Lennox responds to Stephen Hawking (video)
• David Robertson responds (video)
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