Interview with Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow on their book: Is God Just a Human Invention?

This is an audio interview with Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow about their new book: Is God Just a Human Invention? – and it’s well worth the read. It tackles 18 objections raised by the new atheists while making a positive case for Christianity. In addition, McDowell and Morrow bring in contributions from scholars and apologists such as Greg Koukl, John Warwick Montgomery, Gary Habermas, William Dembski, Doug Geivett, Paul Copan, Frank Turek, Darrell Bock, Doug Groothuis, and more.

This interview with Sean and Jonathan explores some of the themes of their book and their goal behind writing it. Get the book here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (18min)

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