Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? MP3 Audio from

This audio is an MP3 version of one of the many questions that are answered on today’s featured website/podcast/resource: Some people suggest that if God doesn’t heal amputees in answer to prayer, this is proof that He does not exist. This audio addresses at least 7 false assumptions. The text answer is here.

If you would like to subscribe to’s Bible answers podcasts, here are some feeds to use:

Check out their 2009-2010 podcast feed here.
Check out there 2005-2008 podcast here here.

Be sure to check out their Crucial Questions page as well. A good resource.



  1. Lee July 17, 2010

    Hi Brian,

    Simple question – Do you think these are good answers to question?

    Are you happy with these responses made on the website?


  2. Brian July 17, 2010

    They seem to be a fair start, but more could be said most likely.

    I will be starting my own website, by the way: "Why won't God grant me an endless supply of cookies?"

  3. J. K. Jones July 17, 2010

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Leslie July 21, 2010

    Brian, that's fabulous. I hope you're serious, because I really want to see that.