Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (02/12 – 02/19)


  1. plindy101 February 20, 2010

    If you see the 2010 Mike Licona vs. Richard Carrier debate on the web be sure to post it.

  2. Ranger February 22, 2010

    I just finished listening to the D'Souza/Loftus debate. What are your thoughts Brian?

    Loftus' blog is bad, but I admit that his book isn't that bad. He seems knowledgeable in the book (but didn't in the debate). His book though is much better than most of the new atheist writings. In all honesty, as such, I expected much more from him. Now though, I'm of the opinion that he clearly showed himself to be out of his league. He claims it was because D'Souza is the better speaker, but D'Souza won because he's a more polished thinker. He was able to catch Loftus in multiple inconsistencies in his own thought/arguments (i.e. if you're arguing against a type of reasoning at one point in the debate, you can't use that same type of reasoning later in the debate to make your point, which Loftus tried at multiple times). D'Souza made positive arguments, came across as familiar with the major topics, etc. and Loftus came across as unprepared.

    It especially went downhill for Loftus after the cross examination. He even had to beg the audience for applause at this point(!), because he wasn't aware of how poorly he was doing and apparently thought he deserved some applause (although his begging didn't help!). From the audio, it seems as though his frustration got the best of him in his responses (and seeming inability to respond adequately to D'Souza's questions), and he as much as admits this at the end.

    His concluding statement (before the Q&A) was basically, "I've lost, but you should buy my book." What a terrible conclusion, and a terrible debate for the atheists. I can't imagine any atheist who formerly supported a Loftus/Craig debate still wanting to see such a debate happen at this point. Carrier and Loftus have now both shown themselves to be out of their league in this level of a debate, so I wonder who the next great hope for the internet infidel will be?

  3. Brian February 22, 2010

    It seemed to me that Loftus was completely out of his league. To suggest that Loftus should debate Craig would be completely out of the question.

    The case that D'Souza offered was, I think, quite impressive. And when coupled with a poor presentation from Loftus it had an even greater impact.

    It might look good to put "debated Dinesh D'Souza" on an atheist resume – as long as you don't provide a link to the audio.