Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Quote: Don Stewart on Faith

“The Bible encourages people to put their faith in God. Unfortunately, many people equate faith with a blind leap in the dark or wishful thinking. But the faith that the Bible requires is intelligent faith. It is neither blind nor irrational. Biblical faith is a committing trust with an object (God) who is worthy of our faith. No one is asked to sacrifice his intellect when he puts his faith in the God of the Bible.”

– Don Stewart


  1. Bryan September 20, 2009

    Love it!

  2. Lee September 23, 2009

    "But the faith that the Bible requires is intelligent faith."

    What on earth is 'intelligent faith'?

    Sounds good but is it like a square circle I wonder?

    Myself, I'm all for the idea that if God is true, and if the bible is true – I should be able to use reason, logic and evidence to confirm this truth.

    Problem though is this… after a lifetime of trying; I just cannot seem to do it.

    The bible should make more sense, i.e. the teachings of Jesus should be clear, concise, and non-contradictory – and maybe seem like they came from an all knowing being.

    This isn’t what I find when I read the bible…

    Quick example – Is it deeds that get me into heaven, or is it faith?