Friday, August 01, 2008

Historical Apologist: St. Augustine

Augustine (354-430) was a philosopher and theologian and the most famous and influential of the church fathers for the Latin (Western) church. After his conversion, memorably described in his Confessions, Augustine became a priest and soon a bishop in Hippo in northern Africa.

His most famous writings include On the Trinity and City of God, in which he described human history as an ongoing struggle between two kingdoms – the city of God and the city of man.

Augustine is the preeminent member of the great tradition of Christian Platonism, and his thought had an enormous impact both on the Scholastics of the medieval period and on the Protestant Reformers.1

1. C.Stephen Evans, Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2002), p. 14.


  1. Steve Bedard August 6, 2008

    In case you are interested, Augustine’s Confessions is the free audiobook of the month for August at

  2. Emily August 26, 2010

    St. Augustine was Catholic by all means! He was an amazing man whose influence goes beyond words. I wish and pray that all Protestants would come to the fullness of the Truth and know that the Catholic Church is the one, holy, and apostolic church that Christ instituted and started. He instituted all of the sacraments and you can find everyone of them in the Bible! I used to be Protestant. I grew up in a strong devout Protestant home…I was taught the Bible at a very young age, read it all the time, went to a Christian university…loved God, tried to be a witness of God's love to all around me…went on several mission trips: Russia, American Samoa, Mexico (3x), and several places in TX. I KNOW KNOW KNOW that the Catholic Church is the Truth and I praise God for it! What a blessing to have the Truth..I can't explain the peace I have in my soul that only God can give that comes from following His Word and teachings of the One, holy, true Church. God love you…come follow Him. The road is hard, but God is good, patient, and full of grace.