Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (10/16 – 10/23)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

Finding the Real Jesus: A Guide for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers by Lee Strobel – 1.99
Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World – 0.99

Apologetics Events at Biola
Is Intelligent Design “Apologetics”?
Sean McDowell on Why God Allows Evil
Jonathan McLatchie on irreducible complexity
Twelve Points That Show Christianity Is True
Notecard Answers for Why I Believe the Bible
Mark Mittelberg – My Reason for Faith (Video)
Common Objection #26- “Science Can Account for Everything!”
What is the Earliest Complete List of the Canon of the New Testament?
Debate: Michael Licona vs. Shabir Ally- Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Win an Autographed Copy of J. Warner Wallace’s “Cold Case Christianity”
Book review of R.C. Sproul’s “If there’s a God, why are there atheists?”
Why Cosmic Background Radiation Demonstrates the Universe Had a Beginning
What criteria do historians use to get to the minimal facts about the historical Jesus?

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