Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (12/12 – 12/19)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis – 2.99 on Kindle
• When the Lights Go Down: Movie Review as Christian Practice – 3.03
Worldview Conversations: How to Share Your Faith and Keep Your Friends – 2.99
Five Views on Apologetics – 2.99

Top 5 Books for Christmas Giving
Christmas Apologetics Resources
Biola Apologetics Events 2015
Why Naturalism is Simply Unbelievable
An Interview with Joel Furches
Book Review: Grand Central Question
History Testifies that Jesus Worked Miracles
Christmas Resources from
Were the Gospel Authors Really Present? (Video)
The Resurrection is Central to the History of Jesus
Is Our Universe Simply the Winner of a Universe Lottery?
The Fact the Other Side Can Make a Case Doesn’t Mean It’s True
How Can Pastors Equip Their Churches To Defend The Faith? (Video)
Astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez lectures on intelligent design and habitability
New from Frank Turek: Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case

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