Friday, November 08, 2013

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (11/01 – 11/08)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

A to Z with C.S. Lewis by Lou Markos – .99
Basic Christianity by John Stott – 3.60
The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel – 1.99
The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel – 1.99
That’s a Great Question: What to Say When Your Faith Is Questioned – 2.51
Why the Universe Is the Way It Is – 3.99
• “If God Is Good: Why Do We Hurt?” Randy Alcorn – 1.99
What Darwin Didn’t Know: A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution – 1.99
Bad Design Debunked in a Fish
Undesigned Coincidences: Part 5
Let Them Call Themselves Atheists
John Lennox in Ballymena and Armagh
Free Course — Josh McDowell Conference
J.P. Moreland: Faith is built on reason
Is the Size of the Universe Evidence for Atheism?
J. P. Moreland’s Story About God Healing an Amputee
How and where do I start learning which religion is true?
C S Lewis Symposium and Commemoration – Westminster Abbey
A basic case for the pro-life position by Scott Klusendorf
Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Non-Canonical Gospels Attributed to Peter?
Does a commitment to naturalism undermine rational thought and textual meaning?
• Faithful Guide To Philosophy 1: Philosophy & Faith – Peter S. Williams – Video

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