Thursday, June 27, 2013

William Lane Craig Critiques “The Unbelievers”

On the Reasonable Faith Podcast, William Lane Craig critiques the recent movie The Unbelievers, a documentary film featuring Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. In three parts, Craig gives an overview of the goal of the documentary, talks about attitudes towards science, and shows the many unscientific assertions within the movie. You can also read his article about the film here.

Part 1 MP3 | Part 2 MP3 | Part 3 MP3


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  1. Cris Putnam June 29, 2013

    Craig is exposing the film for what it is… a piece of atheist back-slapping propaganda aimed at other atheists but under the guise of a "conversation" that would persuade a reasonable person. It leaves its own assumptions unexamined while playing at objectivity… it's MTV level content.