Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (03/22 – 03/29)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

Is Faith Opposed to Reason?
Did Abe Lincoln really exist?
The Rise of the Alincolnists
Does Easter have Pagan Origins?
Are You Skeptical of Your Faith?
Did Abraham Lincoln Exist? Overview
Review of a “New New Testament”: Part 1
Cheap on Kindle! Cold-Case Christianity
The historical case for the empty tomb
Happy two year anniversary to the CAA
Planck Satellite Image of the Early Universe
Didn’t God Create Evil, Too? Audio lectures
Is There Proof that Jesus Rose from the Dead?
Did the Apostles Lie So They Could Die as Martyrs?
Free on Kindle: Why Trust Jesus? by Dave Sterrett
Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ in a Nutshell
A New New Testament: Are You Serious? by Daniel B. Wallace
Fifteen More Myths about Bible Translation by Daniel Wallace
William Lane Craig on historical reliability of the gospels
Mike Licona debates Bart Ehrman on the Unbelievable radio show
We Can Corroborate the Gospels without Verifying Every Detail
Book Review: Christian Apologetics An Anthology of Primary Sources
Four ways that the progress of science conflicts with naturalistic speculations
N.T. Wright lectures on the resurrection of Jesus: did Jesus rise from the dead?
When We Spend More Time Arguing About How to Make the Case than We Spend Making the Case

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  1. winteryknight March 29, 2013

    Oh don't tell me that you are one of these people who believes in a literal Abraham Lincoln! Look, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And you can find parallels to Lincoln's birth narratives and freeing of the slaves hundreds of years before in other primitive cultures. Lincoln was born, Ghengis Kahn was born. Lincoln freed the slaves, Genghis Kahn freed the slaves. Sort of. It's the same story!!!1!!one!!!

  2. dgfisch March 29, 2013

    Oh, I enjoyed the parody of the hermeneutical principles of the Ueber-skeptic!!!! Should they have any legitimate principles, of which I am skeptical.