Sunday, March 31, 2013

Francis Schaeffer on Apologetics

‎”I am only interested in an apologetic that leads in two directions, and the one is to lead people to Christ, as Saviour, and the other is that after they are Christians, for them to realize the lordship of Christ in the whole of life… if Christianity is truth, it ought to touch on the whole of life… Christianity must never be reduced merely to an intellectual system… After all, if God is there, it isn’t just an answer to an intellectual question… we’re called upon to adore him, to be in relationship to him, and, incidentally, to obey him.”

– Francis Schaeffer
‘The Undivided Schaeffer: A Retrospective Interview with Francis Schaeffer, September 30, 1980’ in Colin Duriez, Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life (Nottingham: IVP, 2008), pp.218 & 220..

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    For those interested in Schaeffer audio.

  3. Sivraj Jarvis April 1, 2013

    It might be worth noting that Edith Schaeffer just passed away last Sunday. Behind every great man is a great woman. You can google it. ~ Raj

  4. Veritasdomain April 4, 2013

    Edith is now finally with her husband!