Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apologetics DVD Curriculums


  1. Shelby Cade November 1, 2012

    really cool! – Thanks for sharing.

  2. Luke Nix November 1, 2012

    Thanks for this great post. Since you have so many options listed, could you tell us which ones would be appropriate for different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced- something like that)?

  3. Robby November 1, 2012

    Luke, I'm about to lead a group in the spring using RZIM's Foundations of Apologetics. I've reviewed the series and I believe it to be a good starting point.

  4. Anonymous November 2, 2012

    thanks for this list, it is a very useful list of resources. i would like to suggest an additional one under Lee Strobel. it is Faith Under Fire; Exploring Christianity ten Toughest Questions released in May 2012.


  5. Shelby Cade November 3, 2012

    really coo! thanks for sharing.