Thursday, January 05, 2012

Doubt: RZIM Conference Audio

Last year, RZIM held a day-conference in Oxford, entitled Doubt. They tackled a number of important topics surrounding how to answer tough issues. (You may want to register for RZIM’s Training Day, coming up on the 28th of January here.) If you want all the audios downloaded into a podcast feed, plug this RSS feed into your iTunes or feed reader. Or you can download each talk individually by clicking or right-clicking the links below.
Here’s the audio from the conference:

Alister McGrath
What is Doubt?
John Lennox
Doubt and Confidence – A Biblical and Scientific Perspective
Doubt and Confidence – Question and Answer Session
Michael Ramsden and Amy Orr-Ewing
Contemporary challenges faced by those of faith
Tanya Walker
Cultural Doubt
Question & Answer Session



  1. 8violets January 5, 2012

    You have been a bridge to resourses that daily bless and enrich my life. I daily thank God for your ministry.

  2. Raydancer January 5, 2012

    Oddly, the first session is missing: Alister McGrath "What is Doubt?"

  3. Brian Auten January 5, 2012

    Thanks, Raydancer… fixing now. : )

  4. Raydancer January 5, 2012

    Yikes…the audio gets really bad on that first one after the first 20 minutes. I can now understand why it was missing. Still, the first 20 minutes are great…

  5. dcljoy April 21, 2017

    the links do not seem to work any more … would love to be able to download them ????