Friday, December 09, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (12/02 – 12/09)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Against Hume
Dawkins vs. Dawkins
About those Canaanites…
Top 5 Common Christmas Myths
All of Church History in 5 Hours
God, science and evolution Part 4
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“You Shouldn’t Impose Your Morality on Others”
‘The Holiness of God’ by R. C. Sproul – FREE on Kindle
The Ultimate Apologetics MP3 Audio Page – YouTube plug!
How Do We Investigate Whether a Resurrection Occurred?
New study: the early Earth’s atmosphere contained oxygen
Can Natural Selection Acting On Random Mutation Get The Job Done for Dawkins?

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  1. winteryknight December 11, 2011

    I'm going to be listening to the church history in 5 hours today! Thank you, Brian!