Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apologetics Ministries to Support

With the end of the year upon us, please consider supporting some excellent apologetics ministries. Listed here are some that you may consider supporting with your gift.

Five Great Apologetics Ministries
Reasonable Faith / William Lane Craig – Support here.
Stand to Reason / Greg Koukl – Support here.
Risen Jesus / Mike Licona – Support here.
• Ravi Zacharias International – Support here.
• Reasons to Believe / Hugh Ross – Support here.

Ministries Reaching and Equipping Students
The Veritas Forum – Support here.
BeThinking – Support here.
Ratio Christi – Support here.
• Summit Ministries – Support here.

Five Hand-Picked Ministries to Support
• Come Reason Ministries – Support here.

Confident Christianity / MaryJo Sharp – Click donations tab.
CARM – Support here.
Probe – Support here.
• Biblical Training – Support here.

Or, you can also support Apologetics315, currently awaiting 501c3 status.
Thanks for your support.


  1. X December 28, 2011

    Great picks! I'd put in a vote for, as well.

  2. Brian Auten December 28, 2011

    Thanks, X.
    I concur. This is just a "short list" – as others could no doubt be added.

  3. Chad December 31, 2011

    Excellent list Brian! Further, I'm glad to see M. Licona on there!