Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Online Academy of Apologetics 2011-12

Athanatos Ministries hosts an online apologetics academy. The fall session is coming up and Dr. Gary Habermas will be guest lecturing on the historical Jesus and the evidence for the Resurrection. (You can attend these lectures without being enrolled in the academy.) Here is the Fall 2011 course offering:

The Historical Jesus: A Survey of Evidence & Arguments – Anthony Horvath
Defending the Faith: The Accessible Apologetics Workshop – Mikel Del Rosario
Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 1 – Brian Auten

The Truth of the Bible and Its Inerrancy – Jim Tofflemire
Survey of the Old Testament – Anthony Horvath

Studies in Atheism – Mariano Grinbank
Jesus According to… – Mariano Grinbank
Basic Christianity – Glenn Jones

Biblical Greek 1 – Glenn Jones

To find out more about the academy, see the Academy page. For an interview about the academy, go hereCheck it out.

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  1. Peter September 14, 2011

    Great! Mariano Grinbank, the contributor from the biggest atheist hating site in the net couple of years ago atheismisdead[dot]blogspot[dot]com is presenting "Studies in Atheism". This looks like an objective and non-biased approach to the topic. I can't wait.