Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview: Rick Walston of Columbia Evangelical Seminary

Today’s interview is with Rick Walston, president and founder of Columbia Evangelical Seminary, which offers a distance learning program with self-paced Mentorship Study. This interview is one of a series of dialogues regarding educational opportunities in apologetics studies. The purpose of this interview is to explore what CES has to offer for those studying theology and apologetics.
Rick talks about the life of the mind for the Christian, the value of formal study in apologetics, and Columbia Evangelical Seminary.
• What does the college offer?
• What is mentorship study?
• How are the courses self-paced?
• How is coursework customized for each student?
• How does a student select their mentor?
• Who are some of the faculty?
• Is CES accredited? Why not?
• What to watch out for with accreditation
• Who needs an accredited school?
• Who is this school not for?
• Who is this school a good match for?
• Does CES measure up to ‘brick and mortar’ schools?
• What are the degree programs CES offers?
• What are the tuition costs? (with comparisons)
• And more…

Also check out Walston’s Guide to Distance Learning.
Listen to another interview with Dr. Walston about CES here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (46 min)

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