Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hawking and the Grand Designer MP3 by Peter S. Williams

In a recent podcast, philosopher Peter S. Williams presented a talk entitled Hawking and the Grand Designer. All of Williams’ talks are great, but this one was particularly useful dealing with the content of Stephen Hawking’s book The Grand Design (book review here). This also has a good Q&A at the end.

Full MP3 Audio here (70 min)

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  1. John Lepp August 21, 2014

    Enlightening talk. Wish there was more space to talk about Hawking's multiverse but let me kick this off with something that puzzles me about "big bangs." A singularity, from which the big bang starts, would exist before a 4 dimension universe. What is the meaning of “before” in this context? Something could not occur subsequently if there was no time. Without time, it is unclear how a 0 dimension universe could exist “before” a 1 dimension universe, how a 1 dimension could exist “before” a 2 dimension universe, how a 2 dimension universe could exist “before” a 3 dimension universe, and how a 3 dimension universe could exist before a 4 dimension universe. There wouldn’t be a time value before the 4th dimension. The idea of a singularity “before”, and the expansion to additional dimensions “after”, is lacking and seemingly non-sensical. Of course, my big bang problem is compounded with many universes.