Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alister McGrath on Apologetics in the Local Church

“I think the pastor does play a very critical role here. And, apologetics is not simply about reaching outside the church and helping people realize why Christianity makes so much sense. There are many people inside church congregations who are wrestling with apologetic questions; who come to faith but haven’t had all of their questions answered. I think the pastor, the preacher, needs to realize if they want their people to be good and minister to the faith, apologists and evangelists, they’ve got to be equipped. They’ve got to be reassured about their faith. They’ve got to be helped to be able to explain it and defend it in the secular marketplace. Now maybe many pastors and preachers say, ‘You know, I couldn’t do this.’ In which case, you need to bring somebody in who can. But there’s a real need for the local church to see this kind of ministry as a priority in our present cultural situation.”

– Alister McGrath

From this interview.

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  1. Randal Harrison August 8, 2011

    This is such an important issue. I personally feel our churches should include apologetics classes along with Sunday School and Bible Study. But I feel more than a little apprehensive about approaching a pastor and asking him to perhaps change up the church functions to include it. I suppose I would feel a little too aggressive. Any thoughts?