Saturday, July 30, 2011

12 Favorite Blog Posts at Apologetics 315

If you are a relatively new reader of Apologetics 315, you might not know where to begin, with over 1,300 blog posts featuring  apologetics resources on a daily basis. If you already know what you are looking for, you can use search: use the sidebar on the left listing the various topics. Or just use the search bar at the top for more detailed results. If you want to find some of the more popular pages, see the top right “must-visit pages” list.

But what happens to great posts that don’t fall into those categories? That’s where this post comes in. Here are 12 favorite blog posts at Apologetics 315:

1. Apologetics Podcasts Worth Your Time – These are some of the more useful podcasts, beyond the top 16. All worth checking out if you are wanting more audio.

2. How to Get Apologetics in Your Church: Podcast and eBook – If I could only recommend one series, it would be this one. We need to get apologetics programs going in churches everywhere.

3. Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics Programs – If you are serious about doing apologetics, check out this page. It might provide you with the next step in the journey. We need well-equipped defenders.

4. Various Posts on Lifelong Learning in the Apologists Toolkit – Here I share some of the keys that I have found useful in learning apologetics, as well as attitudes and habits that are profitable as an apologist.

5. J.P.Moreland vs. Clancy Martin Debate MP3 Audio – One of my favorite debates. Moreland is winsome and passionate, and super-sharp. A great listen, even if the audio quality isn’t superb.

6. 500+ William Lane Craig Videos – Enough WLC video to keep you going indefinitely. Watch from one of the masters and learn. And share with skeptical friends. Something worth watching on YouTube that won’t make you dumber.

7. Various Blog Posts Introducing Various Theistic Arguments – brief introductions to various theistic arguments. Useful for the beginner surveying the landscape.

8. Apologist Ken Samples Featured Resources – Some of the resources offered by one of the sharpest theologians and apologists out there. All very helpful and worth listening to.

9. Uninformed, Misinformed, Illogical, Incomplete – A short but extremely helpful post that will keep you focused when critiquing arguments. Read it, bookmark it, and memorize it.

10. Dr. Phil Fernandes Comprehensive MP3 Audio Feeds – When I started out I listened to all of these. Good stuff, and all free. Great free resource for those surveying apologetics topics.

11. Resurrection Resources Galore – This might be a great place to get started if you are studying the resurrection. A large list of links to resurrection reading to get you started.

12. Tons of Apologetics Audio from The Things that Matter Most – Not sure what happened to this program, but it had some excellent interviews. All of them are loaded with good nuggets.

What are your favorite pages?