Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (03/18 – 03/25)


  1. winteryknight March 25, 2011

    Thanks again for putting all of these links together Brian. I scour the Internet for stories but you find so many things that I missed every week!

  2. emmzee March 26, 2011

    Great links as always Brian, thank you!

    Just a note re the "Master of Biblical Studies in Apologetics" link … from the school's website: "Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute is not accredited, and has no plans to pursue any type of accreditation" This school shouldn't be confused with Tyndale University College & Seminary (which is ATS accredited, and my alma mater) or any of the other accredited schools with Tyndale in their names. It could be a fine school & an excellent degree, I don't know, but potential students should be aware of the limitations that an unaccredited degree will have.