Thursday, March 03, 2011

Interview: Dr. Nabeel Qureshi on Islam

Michael Licona of interviews former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi (of Acts17 Apologetics) on the topic of Islam. He talks about his journey from Islam to Christianity, the reasons for his conversion, the truth claims of Islam vs. Christianity, and more. For more resources dealing with Islam, check out 4Truth’s Islam section here, as well as the Answering Islam website.

Interview MP3 Audio here. (1 hr)



  1. Ex N1hilo March 4, 2011

    Nabeel (along with David Wood and others associated with their ministry) are heroes for preaching Christ and Him crucified forthrightly but with meekness, in a place in the USA where the local authorities put severe limitations on those who would share the gospel; for fear that Muslims will be offended.

  2. AladinH November 14, 2011

    That is nonsense my friend. Christians and Jews have been living with Muslims in the middle east for centuries. You cannot be a believing muslim unless you believe in the original Torah and Gospel that have been corrupted by man. We love Jesus and Moses and respect Jews and Christians; they are the people of the book!

  3. Ex N1hilo November 14, 2011


    If the deity you worship is—by your admission—unable to preserve his word from men who seek to corrupt it, how can you have any confidence that the text you hold in your hand is reliable?

    If Allah's word can be corrupted, he's really not much of a god, is he?