Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Fine-Tuned Universe: Science, Theology and the Quest for Meaning by Alister McGrath

This resource comprises six talks given at the Gifford Lectures at the University of Aberdeen in 2009. In this series, Professor Alister McGrath explores the human quest for meaning in the universe, especially in light of its apparent “fine-tuning” to permit the origination of life. Why do we long to make sense of things? Do we possess some kind of “homing instinct” for heaven? What is the significance of “fine-tuning”? And can the Christian faith engage with these observations meaningfully?

Lecture series homepage is here. Each lecture is in PDF format:
Lecture 1 – Introduction: Yearning to make sense of things
Lecture 2 – Why we still need natural theology
Lecture 3 – The mystery of the constants of nature
Lecture 4 – The enigmas of evolutionary biology
Lecture 5 – Natural theology and the quest for meaning
Lecture 6 – Conclusion: Clues to the meaning of the universe?