Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Lectures from Isms Interactive

Cherry Hills Community Church recently did a lecture series on a number of different topics or “isms” – atheism, scientism, pluralism, relativism, secularism, skepticism, and mysticism. The series features some popular apologetics speakers on each topic. See below for details and to download the MP3 for each topic. You may also subscribe to the Isms Interactive series as a podcast in iTunes here.

Atheism with Randall Niles – MP3
Scientism with Lee Strobel – MP3
Pluralism with Ryan Dobson – MP3
Relativism with Blake LaMunyon – MP3
Secularism with Mark Mittelberg – MP3
Skepticism with Blake LaMunyon – MP3
Mysticism with Dr Doug Groothuis – MP3



  1. Glenn Hendrickson December 10, 2010

    Thanks Brian, This series looks interesting!

    Glenn Hendrickson

  2. truth4taiwan December 14, 2010

    Dr. Groothuis's lecture on mysticism was fantastic, as his lectures usually are.