Friday, May 14, 2010

Featured Website: Answering Islam

If you are looking for resources on Islam, be sure to check out today’s featured website: It includes numerous helpful resources, including:
• An introduction to Islam
• A comparative index to Islam
• An evaluation of the Qur’an and Muslim claims
• All about Muhammad
• Lots of Questions and Answers
• and more



  1. Eddie Eddings May 14, 2010

    Thanks for posting this site. I used it many times when I lived in Dallas, Texas. Now, I am living in Kuwait and the site is blocked. I do a Calvinistic humor blog here in Salmiya, Kuwait where I am living called "Calvinistic Cartoons".
    I have been here since August of 2009 and have met only one Calvinist here. Pray I stay under the radar. Thanks. I enjoy your blog greatly and have added it, months ago, to my favorites. God bless, and keep up the God work!

  2. Dan Rodger May 15, 2010

    Yeah its a great website and resource that's a real shame its blocked in Kuwait, I think you can get a CD with the site on so you can view it offline.