Tuesday, September 15, 2009

William Lane Craig Q&A Videos and MP3s

Philosopher William Lane Craig answers some common tough questions in a very clear and concise manner in this series of video Question & Answers. The MP3s are also available for your convenience.

• The Relationship Between Faith and Reason – Video / MP3
• The Best Argument for Belief in God – Video / MP3
• Can We Be Good Without God? – Video / MP3
• Is God a Logical Necessity – Video / MP3
• Can We Trust the Bible Written 2000 Years Ago – Video / MP3
• Why Is Richard Dawkins So Popular? – Video / MP3
• Who Designed the Designer? A Response to Dawkins – Video / MP3
• The Flying Spaghetti Monster & Evidence for God – Video / MP3
• Can We Trust Religious Experiences? – Video / MP3
• Can There Be Meaning Without God? – Video / MP3
• How Can Christianity Be the Only One True Religion? – Video / MP3

Find all the William Lane Craig Q&A videos at 100huntley.com here.
Get all the MP3s in an RSS feed here. Or add directly to iTunes here.


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  1. Lee September 23, 2009

    So many to chose – which one should I try?