Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Quote: Ravi Zacharias on Rejecting God

“A man rejects God neither because of intellectual demands nor because of the scarcity of evidence. A man rejects God because of a moral resistance that refuses to admit his need for God.”

– Ravi Zacharias


  1. Lee March 29, 2009

    Oh dear… sorry, this quote is poor.

    The quote assumes God’s existence, that there is something actually for me to reject, then it goes down hill from there.

    However, lets give the quote a chance – just for a second.

    Let’s assume it is true – I just need to understand what it is saying about me.

    What is this ‘moral resistance’ that I am said to have?

    What ‘need’ should I be admitting?



  2. Brian March 29, 2009

    Nice to see you again!

    Let’s assume that the Christian God exists and that He is the creator all of things, all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, and holy. Mankind has rebelled against God through sin and disobedience. Because He is just, God must punish sin. Yet, because God is loving and merciful, He demonstrates His love through Jesus Christ taking the penalty for the sins of all men. For those who accept this gift of salvation through humble repentance (forsaking one’s sins) and trusting in Jesus, He will not count their sins against them.

    If that were the case — if that were the TRUTH — would you put your trust in Christ?

  3. Lee March 30, 2009

    Hi Brian,

    Nice to see you again!

    Thanks… this is becoming a habit it seems – hope you do not mind.

    In reply to your assumptions and question… basically, I think too many assumptions have been made without justification but here are some more assumptions I hope you can agree with :-).

    IF the scientists have it right with the Big Bang model, IF scientists have it right with the theory of evolution, and IF we assume that the only way to answer what ‘caused’ the Big Bang and what ‘caused’ non-life to become life… what do these facts say about God?

    Now I have not assumed here any particular holy book here, merely that there is a God who is the cause of all I see around me (I hope you would say this is a reasonable assumption?)

    With my observations of these facts, I cannot fit them into your previous assumptions – something is wrong.

    Is science wrong (with these observations), or are your assumptions in error?

    I cannot fit them all together honestly.


  4. Brian March 30, 2009


    The truth of my hypothetical question does not need to be proven for it to be answered hypothetically. The whole point is the IF part. You didn’t answer and just moved on to asking me a different question.

    I’m gonna take a pass on getting too involved with your statements. I would just answer in general by saying that I don’t think there is a necessary contradiction between any of the science you mentioned and the hypothetical I posed.

    I am weary tonight from a late shift. Take care, Lee.

  5. Samuel April 20, 2009

    I have to agree with Lee. The quote begs the question, and does not really have anything to do with why many people are atheists.

    If I knew the Christian case to be true, I would accept it.

    Ravi is wrong in his statement though that people reject the Christian God because of moral resistance. Most atheists I know reject God because of intellectual demands and the scarcity of evidence. I do not see how moral resistance is a rational argument that accounts for atheism.

  6. Lee April 20, 2009

    Samuel wrote: I have to agree with Lee.Hooray…

    You are my new best friend for the day 🙂


  7. Samuel April 20, 2009

    One last thing I would like to add.
    The immorality of the Hebrew God is one of the reasons I don’t have faith. So maybe I do have moral resistance, but in the opposite direction that Ravi is implying. Deuteronomy 20:16…. need I say more?

  8. Lee April 21, 2009

    The immorality of the Hebrew God is one of the reasons I don’t have faith. So maybe I do have moral resistance, but in the opposite direction that Ravi is implying.I don’t like the morals of Darth Vader, but that isn’t the reason I don’t have faith in him 🙂


  9. Samuel April 21, 2009

    Perhaps I should clarify Lee.

    I don’t see any reason to believe in a deity. But, if one could point towards evidence that a deity existed; I would have resistance to it being the Hebrew God or the God of John Calvin because it flies against my moral ideas. Of course, my belief wouldn’t objectively change anything – but thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be much objective evidence for the Christian God to begin with – so I don’t need to speculate on His nature.

  10. Lee April 22, 2009

    Hi Samuel,

    Sorry, I was just being silly… I understood what you meant.

    Like you (I think), should evidence point to the Christian God then so be it – I will not be any more able to deny then gravity should the right evidence be provided.

    Now worship… that’s another thing.