Monday, June 30, 2008

William Lane Craig vs Shabir Ally – Who Is The Real Jesus? Debate MP3 Audio

William Lane Craig debates Shabir Ally:
“Who is the Real Jesus?”

Full MP3 Audio here.


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  1. Anonymous February 7, 2013

    Great debate! I believe Dr. Craig is one of the best speakers on the subject. But one cannot entirely rely on the historical evidences when talking about religion. Like Mr. Ally has mentioned, history may prove that Jesus was put on the cross, but it cannot prove that he resurrected. Neither can history prove, for instance, that Jesus was born without a father, etc. So, Dr. Craig needs to use more of theological proofs in his debates, in which Mr. Ally seems to be very well versed. At least everything what Mr. Ally was talking about, theologically made a lot of sense to me. And again what shocked me, was that Dr. Craig did not object to what Mr. Ally was saying about the Bible. That it contradicts itself, that it is not a reliable source at all, etc.